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Artery Appearance
1.Thick Wall 2. Narrow Lumen 3. Outer middle and inner layer.
Artery main function
transport blood from heart to organs
Artery/Arteriole/Vein Blood flow
1.away from the heart to an organ.2.organ to cappillaries 3. towards heat away from organ.
Artery/Arteriole/Vein Blood pressure
1. high&pulsatile (pressure surges)2. not as high and pulsatile 3. low and non pulsatile
Absent in Arteriole and Arterys but present in veins to present backflow
Inner layer/ endothelium and its function for each Artery/Arteriole/Vein
Present in all three; vert smooth layer which enables blood flow with little friction.
Middle layer/the muscle and elactic fibres for Artery/Arteriole/Vein
Artery: Present & Thick
Arteriole: Present
Vein: Present but thinner than an artery.
Function of Middle layer.
blood forced and bulges and stretches the elastic fibers. they recoil and smooth blood flow. Muscles contract in walls of arterioles allowing amount of blood flow to organs to be varried
Outerlayer: Connective tissure and its function for each Artery/Arteriole/Vein
Present in all three; Vein has a thick outerlayer. Function is to help hold vessbles open and precent tearing during body movements
Vein apperance
think wall and large lumen
Arteriole apperance
thin wall