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Adjustment of living to other living things and environmental condition.
Vague sense of impending doom or apprehension precipitated by new and unknown experiences.
Coping Mechanisms
Patterns of behavior used to neutralize, deny, or counteract anxiety.
Defense Mechanisms
Forms of self-deception; unconscious process the self uses to protect itself from anxiety or threats to self-esteem.
Fight or Flight Response
The body prepares itself against threat, to either resist (fight) or evade (flight) the danger.
General adaptation syndrome
(GAS); biochemical model of stress describing the body’s general response to stress.
Various physiologic and psychological mechanisms respond to changes in the internal and external environment to maintain a balanced state.
Condition in which the human system responds to change in its normal balanced state. The body’s reaction to any stimulus.
Anything that causes a person to experience stress; change in the balanced state. A stimulus that evokes the need to adapt.