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An agreement between two/more persons to commit a crime along with an act done to begin the crime
What is Conspiracy?
ex. planning a bank robbery.
The killing of another person which may be criminal, noncriminal or negligent type
What is Homicide?
Also called murder or manslaughter.
Killing that is justifiable or excusable and for which the killer is deemed faultless.
What is Noncriminal Homicide?
Ex. killing the enemy in wartime, criminal executions, police shooting of person committing a crime which is endangers others, or in self-defense/defense of another whose life is in danger.
Murder or killing that is done with Malice/intent to seriously harm/kill another
What is Criminal Homicide?
Ex. 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, Felony Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, & Negligent Homicide.
Having the intent to seriously harm or kill another person.
What is Malice?
Requires premeditation or planning to do harm to others
The failure to exercise a reasonable or ordinary amount of care in a situation that causes harm to someone.
What is Negligence?
Ex. Vehicular homicide or Reckless Endangerment
The deliberate taking of one's own life; higher incidence is among teenagers and the elderly.
What is Suicide?
Courts treat this act as a plea for help and require them to undergo psychiatric assessment and treatment.
An act or method of putting someone to death painlessly; "Mercykilling" is illegal & prosecutable.
What is Euthanasia?
A person can refuse treatment/operations even though they will die as a result. (ex. Jehovah Witnesses reject any medical intervention for treatment of disease or illness)
To attempt to harm someone (physically) in a way that makes the victim feel immedicately threatened. Regardless of whether there is physical contact, the victim need only feel that he/she will be hurt.
What is Assault?
Most states combine this crime with Battery.
Any intentional, unlawful physical contact inflicted on one person by another without consent.
What is Battery?
May be combined with Assault.
Influencing or persuading legislators to take action to introduce a bill or vote a certain way on a proposed law.
What is Lobbying?
Proponents of a bill/law who try to sway the vote on a controversial issue one way or another in state courts and legislatures.
Unlawful sexual intercourse committed when one party forces another to have sexual intercourse.
What is Rape?
This act implies resistance and lack of consent.
"Acquaintance Rape" is used to describe a sexual assault by someone known to the victim, a date, steady boyfriend, neighbor, or friend; often unreported by victims.
What is Date Rape?
Some states require confirmation of victims' story by a testimonial witness, a doctors report that sexual intercourse took place or a prompt report to police of the crime.
The deliberate and malicious burning of property.
What is Arson?
Ex. burning a building or property as a psychological compulsion, as a hate crime or to defraud insurance company.
The deliberate destruction or defacement of property.
What is Vandalism?
Ex. Malicious mischief which destroys or damages property of others. Can be a misdemeanor or felony based on the costs involved.
The unlawful taking of another's property with the intent to steal it. Petty Larceny is a misdemeanor involving theft of anything below $100 while Grand Larceny is theft of anything greater than $100.
What is Larceny?
Ex. Keeping lost property when a reasonable method exists for finding the owner.
A form of Larceny in which items are taken from a store w/o payment or the intention to pay.
What is Shoplifting?
Concealment is "attempted" shoplifting. This crime hurts everyone as stores pass their losses along to the consumer.
The taking of money or property by a person who has been entrusted with it.
What is Embezzlement?
Ex. a bank teller or personal accountant who steals from his/her employer
The unlawful taking of property from a person's immediate possession by force or threat of force.
What is Robbery?
Element of force is different between Larceny & Robbery. A "pickpocket" commits crime w/o knowledge of the victim while a mugger uses force to take something from you
The taking of property illegally by force or threat of harm.
What is Extortion?
Ex. Blackmail, threats to do future physical harm, destroy property or injure someone's character or reputation in some way.
Breaking and entering a building with the intention of committing a felony.
What is Burglary?
Stiffer penalties accompany burglaries committed at night, at inhabited dwellings, and with weapons.
The act of making a false document or altering a real one with the intent to commit fraud.
What is Forgery &/ Uttering?
Uttering is offering someone as genuine, a document known to be fake ( bad checks)
Receiving or buying property that is known or reasonably believed to be stolen.
What is Receiving Stolen Property?
A felony if value of stolen property exceeds $100 or a misdemeanor if less than $100.
When a person intends to take a vehicle temporarily, i.e., Joyriding which is a misdemeanor. If the person intended to take the car permanently, the crime may be Larceny/Autotheft.
What is Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle or UUV?
"Carjacking" is a Federal crime and punishable by a sentence of up to life in prison due to using force or intimidation to steal a car from its driver.
The authorized access to someone's computer system and internal information. Punishable by possible jail term and fines up to $250,000
Also includes unauthorized copying of copywrited computer software.
What are Computer Crimes?
Ex. Hacking is intentionally trying to break into computer systems, or sabotage them by implanting "worms" or "viruses" into the memory to slow them / shut them down.