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attempted shoplifting;
failure to exercise a resonable or ordinary amount of care in a situation that causes harm to someone
ill will; deliberate intent to harm someone
deliberate taking of one's own life
breaking and entering the dwelling of another during the night with intent to commit a felony therein
persons who illegally access other people's computer systems
unlawful taking of property by someone to whom it was entrusted
Felony Murder
any killing that takes place during the commision of certain felonies, such as arson, repe, robbery, or burglary.
form of larceny; taking items from a store without paying or intending to pay for them
a federal crime in which the perpetrator uses force or intimidation to steal a car from the driver
unlawful taking of prooperty from a person's immediate possession by force or intimidation
2nd Degree Murder
a killing that is done with malice, but without premeditation or deliberation.
the killing of another person
Involuntary Manslaughter
Unintensional killing resulting from conduct so reckless that it causses extreme danger of death or bodily injury.
use of threats to obtain the property of another
Computer Crime
the unautorized access to someone else's computer system
attempted shoplifting
Negligent Homicide
causing of death through criminal negligence
willful and malicious burning of another person's property.
any attempt or treat to carry out physical attack upon another person
unlawful taking and cappying away of the property of another with intent to steal it
Voluntary Manslaughter
killing that would otherwise be murder, but occurs after the victim has done something to the killer that would cause a resonable person to lose self-control or act rashly.
Receiving Stolen Property
receiving or buying property that is known or resonably beleived to be stolen
Non Criminal Homicide
killing that is justifiable or excusable and for which the killer is deemed faultless
willful destruction of or damage to, the property of another
when a person repeatedly follows or harasses another person and makes threats, causing the victim to fear death or bodily injury.
1st Degree Murder
killing that is premeditated deliberate and done with malice
Date Rape
sexual assault by someone known to the victim-a date, steady boyfriend, neighbor, or friend
Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle
unlawfully taking a car by someone who intends to use it only temporarily
Forcible Rape
the act of unlawful sexual intercourse commited by a man with a woman by force and without her consent
offering to someone as genuine a document known to be fake
Statutory Rape
sexual intercourse by a male with a female who has not yet reached the legal age of consent

crime in which a person falsely makes or alters a writingor document with intent to defraud
any unlawful physical contact inflicted by one person upon another without consent