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5 things silt does that is harmful
1. blocks light and prevents growth of aquatic plants
2. smoothers bottom organisms
3. holds pollution is place
4. clogs gills of fish
5. damages eggs of fish species
A floodplain is...
the land situated on either side of a channel which is subject to flooding
Floods are beneficial for three reasons
1.Allows flood-dependent species like the cottonwood tree and fish species to reproduce
2.Dredges channel bottom which reduces larger floods
3.Deposits fertile sediment and nutrients onto the floodplain
What does lotic mean?
Flowing water
The equation that shows how water is made into carbonic acid is
H20 + CO2 = H2CO3
What are the steps of the ground water process?
1.Precipitation falls to the ground
2.Water seeps through empty spaces and cracks in soil
3.Water reaches impermeable layer of rock and collects
Industrial pollutants are the most serious contaminant because
-they are chemically complex
-they are usually high in concentration
What is subsidence?
sinking of the Earth's surface
Siltation is the process of
deposition of soil
A river is...
any body of fresh water fed by springs and tributaries which flow from an upland source to a large lake or ocean
4 Ways in which humans have impacted streams
Three reasons why ground water is a valuable resource
1.It is abundant
2.Remains available during dry periods
3.Makes water available to areas that wouldn't otherwise have water
stream discharge is
the amount of water flowing downstream
What is porosity
the degree to which the rocks or soil has holes, or pores
Humans have increased the frequency of floods by
-logging forests
-paving cities
-farming floodplains
What is ground water?
Ground water is the part of precipitation that seeps down through the soil until it reaches rock material that is saturated with water
This group was responsible for the channelization of US rivers
US Army Corps of Engineers
Three factors affecting ground water sources
1. Pollution
2. Discharge
3. Subsidence
During the rainy season the water table will be...
higher, closer to the surface
The three zones of a river include...
1. Headwaters or source
2. Transition
3. Floodplain
The rate of groundwater flow depends upon what two things?
1. permeability of the rock
2. amount of precipitation
The Bagnell Dam caused the death of over 4,300 of what species of fish in the month of May 2002?
The paddlefish
What does impermeable mean?
water is unable to flow through the soil, rock etc
A watershed is...
the area of land a stream or river drains
The channel of a river is...
the ditch that has been excavated for the flow of water
A river's shape is influenced by these three things...
1. the geology of the land
2. the type of sediment present
3. the amount of water available
During the dry season the water table will be...
Lotic habitats include:
streams, brooks, rivers and estuaries
What is the water table?
The part of the ground below which the soil is saturated completely
Detritus is...
the fresh to partly decomposed plant and animal matter