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Collective instruments used by operators to do their work
The calculated relationship of large ends and means
first order controls
Hierarchy - layering with a pyramid of authority, Specialization - division of work, Standardization - control of variance, Formalization - rules and regs
Technology and the doctrinal lack
Tech gets fielded and people don't have the time
Cold War
long term competition between two industrial powers for the control of Europe and the developing world
Contingency Theory of Organization
Change one variable, and you may have to change another. Allows reduction of complexity considering all factors at once is too hard.
Distruptive Technologies
lacks refinement, often has performance problems because it is new, appeals to a limited audience, and may not yet have a proven practical application.
when a system has a specialized systematically organized means for coping with its specified imperatives
the quality of the state of collaboration that exists among departments that need to achieve unity of effort by the demands of their environmentnized means for coping with its specified imperatives
Goldwater-Nichols Legislation
one of the biggest changes in civil military relations - too many pointy headed intellectuals in the pentagon , combat users have to have more say in weapons systems. You are going to find a huge investment in current readiness technology.
authoritative rules or principles which dictate the actions of both sides
Collections of individuals who share common goals. Common goals help economize on information. Organizations create macro order out of micro disorder.
Reciprocal Fear of Surprise Attack
you and burglar have gun. You are shooting first because you don't want to get shot.
Single Integrated Operation Plan
True Genius of Napoleonic Warfare
decentralization of communication. Focused on strategy not on food. Corps organized their own food
Side-Wise Technologies
mature technologies applied to new problem areas (boring but effective, ie IED)
sustaining technologies
relies on incremental improvements to an already established technology
strategic apex
top management
operating core
basic workers
middle line
intermediate managers
analysts who design systems concerned with formal planning
support staff
providing services to the rest of the organization
machine bureaucracy
standardization of work-big technostructure
professional bureaucracy
standardization of skills bigger support staff, less middle line and technostructure
standardization of outputs, parallel operating units, autonomous middle managers
specialists combine their efforts in project teams use mutual adjustment