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Above average returns
Return on an investment that is higher than would be expected on average on an investment with similar ammount of risk.
Sustainable competetive advantage
Capabilities that allow a company to earn above average returns and are hard for the competitors to copy are the source.
Organizational - effectively exploitable by the organization in question

A tool for evaluating the potential of a competency for becoming a source of sustainable competetive advantage.
Strategically significant - Should not be specific to one product but to allow access to wide markets.
Core competency
One thing that a company can do better than competition.
Intentional harmonized combination of key capabilities.
Effective utilization of a set of resources to perform a task.
Strategic intent
Description of the means by which the organization will work towards it's vision.
Tool for communicating to employees and key business partners the intentions of the organization.
Strategic mission
Communication of the the companys vision of what it aims to be.
profit pool
Total profits earned within an industry sector.
Resource based model for above average returns
Above average returns are earned when companys strategy is based on utilization of it's internal resources and capabilites.
Industrial organization model of above avertage returns
Above average returns are earned when a firm implements a strategy that is formulated based on analysis of the external environment and choosing an attractive industry based on this.