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elegy written in a country churchyard
thomas gray
to a mouse
robert burns
to his coy mistress
andrew marvell
to the virgins, to make much of time
robert herrick
percy bysshe shelley
rime of the ancient mariner
samuel taylor coleridge
dictionary of the english language
samuel johnson
she walks in beauty
george gordon, lord byron
the world is too much with us
william woodsworth
meditation 17
john donne
paradise lost
john milton
gulliver's travels
johnathon swift
the diary
samuel pepys
journal of the plauge year
daniel defoe
do not go gentle into that good night
dylan thomas
tess of the d'urbervilles
thomas hardy
alfred, lord tennyson
a christmas carol
charles dickens
my last duchess
robert browning
sonnet 43
elizabeth barrett browning
when i was one and twenty
a.e. housman
to an athlete dying young
a.e. housman
the second coming
william butler yeats
musee de beaux arts
w.h. auden
diameter of the bomb
yahuda amichai
journey of the magi
t.s. eliot
shooting an elephant
george orwell
demon lover
elizabeth bowen
the lagoon
joseph conrad
the train from rhodesia
nadine gordimer
rocking horse winner
d.h. lawrence
the wirers
siegfried sassoon
the soldier
rupert brooke
an irish airman forsees his death
w.b. yeats
by any other name
santha rama rau
near the bone
cherry smyth
two sheep
janet frame
cathal's lake
colum mccann