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What is the arterial supply to the stomach?
1. Left Gastric Artery
2. Right Gastric Artery
3. Left Gastroepiploic artery
4. Right Gastroepiploic artery
5. Vasa brevia
from where does each of these arteries arise?
1. Left Gastric Artery - from Branch of Celiac Axis
2. Right Gastric Artery - Branch of common hepatic artery
3. Left Gastroepiploic artery - branch of Splenic artery
4. Right Gastroepiploic artery - from gastroduodenal artery
5. Vasa brevia - short gastric artery arising from splenic artery
what ares does each artery supply?
1. Left Gastric Artery -> lesser curvature (proximal)
2. Right Gastric Artery -> lesser curvature (distal)
3. Left Gastroepiploic artery -> greater curvature (distal)
4. Right Gastroepiploic artery -> greater curvature (proximal)
5. Vasa brevia -> fundus and body
what vessels supply the venous drainage for the stomach?
1. Right and left gastric and gastroepiploic veins -> Portal System
2. Left gastric vein (coronary vein)-> Lower esophageal venous plexus -> azygous vein
where are the left and right vagus nerves located in relation to the stomach?
Left vagus is Anterior
Right vagus is Posterior