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comunque (adv)
con (prep)
with, by, too
non ci sono gitanti
there are no tourists
dovunque (adv)
everywhere, wherever

assai (adv)
much, very much, copiously, in great numbers;
ce (pron)
to us (used instead of ci before other pronouns lo, li, gli, la, le and ne)
ce (adv)
here, there (instead of ci)
li (pron. m. pl.)
li (adv)
there, in that particular place;

here, now
li vidi
I saw them
per viderli
in order to see them
seeing them
al vederli
on seeing them
avendoli visti
having seen them
state li!
stop where you are!
di li a poco
a few minutes afterwards
li per li
on the spur of the moment
essere li li per
to be on the point of
di li a un anno
a year from then
di li a un anno
a year from then
giu di li
ci (pronoun)
us, to us, ourselves;

of it;

to it
ci diede
he gave us
ci lavammo
we washed ourselves
non ci ho mai pensato
I have never thought of it
ci ho proprio gusto
I am very glad of it
ci (adv)
there, here
veniteci quando volete
come here whenever you like
ci siamo
here we are
little, small;
scanty; few; insufficient;
shortly, short time, short while
fra poco
da poco
not long ago
per poco
for a short while
poco fa
just now, a moment ago
a poco a poco
little by little
poco dopo
soon after
per dopo che
however little
a ogni poco
every now and then
poco manca che
all but
aspetta un poco
wait a moment
un poco di buono
a good for nothing
poco su poco giu
thereabouts, approximately
dammene ancora un po
give me a little more of it
never, ever
mai piu
never again
quanto mai
very much indeed
tante mai cose
so many things
come mai?
how is that?
piu che mai
more than ever
caso mai; se mai
if ever, in case
meglio tardi che mai
better late than never