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What is a stigma?
is any characteristic that sets people apart and disqualifies them from full acceptance and participation
Three types of stigmas
1. Blemishes of Individual Character
2. Tribal Stigma
3. Abomination of the Body
What are Blemishes of Individual Character?
category that includes those who are stigmatized on moral grounds like alcoholism, drug addiction, and AIDS
What are Tribal Stigmas?
category that includes all those who are socially discredited because they are members of a socially disapproved category or group
What are Abnomination of the body?
category includes any physical limitation, deformity, or other visible identifiable physical characteristic deemed beyond normal
What are the three ways women dealt with stigmas with STDS?
1. Stigma Non Acceptance
2. Stigma Deflection
3. Stigma Acceptance
What is Stigma Non Acceptance?
It is when the individual is in denial and doesn't tell the information by passing
then tries to cover which admits to a lesser stigmatized?
What is Stigman Deflection?
is when a individual ia anger and scared and the STD is noticeable and casues to blame others
What is a Stigma Acceptance?
Is when the individual accepts the stigma and tell or protect from the disease