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philosophy is derived from two words that mean?
the love of wisdom
How did the ancient greeks understand "wisdom"? What did they mean when used that word?
Wisdom, to the Greeks, meant knowledge of fundamental principles and laws, an awareness of that which was basic and unchanging, as opposed to those things that are transitory and changing.
T or F: Philosophy seeks to the basis of things, the underlying fundamentals.
The authors define philosophy as :
the attempt to provide for oneself an outlook on life based on the discovery of broad, fundamental principles.

also, the use of a rational, reflective method for attempting to get at the most basic underlying principles and to discover normative criteria.
what is the method of philosophy?
rational reflection...philosophy does not discover new empirical facts but instead reflects on the facts we are already familiar with, or those given to us by the empirical sciences, to see what they lead to and how they all hang together.
What does it mean for philosophy to be normative?
it means philosophy tries to distinguish, in very broad ways, what is from what ought to be. To establish norms, philosophy often appeals to the nature or essence of things. it is a concern for establishing, in every major area of philosophy, standards or criteria for correct and incorrect ways of thinking and acting: standards for correct decisions about reality.
What is the subject matter of philosophy?
any area of human concern
Philosophy can be viewed as constructive when...
it attempts to find the answers to the basic and important issues in life and directs itself to developing a total worldview.
Philosophy can be viewed as analysis when...
it analyzes concepts.
Philosophy is best characterized as....two consequences of this?
a rational examination or critique of the most basic elements of our everyday experience and belief.

Consequences : 1)philosophy cannot teach us anything totally new but can clarify what we already take for granted

2) philosophy takes nothing for granted.