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Noun [-eh-fih kuh see]

The efficacy of penicillin was unsurpassed when it was first introduced, completely eliminating alost all bacteria infections.

Synonyms: dynamism; effectiveness; effciency; force; power; productiveness; proficiency; strength; vigor

Noun [-eh- fuh jee]
Stuffed doll; likeness of a person

In England, effigies of the historic rebel Guy Fawkes are burned to celebrate his capture.

Synonyms: dummy; figure; image

Noun [ih -fruhnt- uhr ee] [eh -fruhnt- uhr ee]
Impudent boldness; audacity

The receptionist had the effrontery to laugh out loud when the CEO tripped over a computer wire and fell flat on his face.

Synonyms: brashness; gall; nerve; presumption; temerity

Noun [-eh- luh jee]
A sorrowful poem or speech

Though Thomas Gray's Elegy is about death and loss, it urges its readers to endure this life, and trust in spirituality.

Synonyms: dirge; lament

Adj [-ehl- uh kwunt]
Persuasive and moving, especially in speech

The Gettysburge Address is moving not only because of its lofty sentiments but because of its eloquent words.

Synonyms: Articulate; expressive; fluent; meaningful; significant; smooth-spoken

Verb [ehm -behl- ihsh]
To add ornamental or fictitious details

Britt embellished her resume, hoping to make the lowly positions she had held seem more important.

Synonyms: adorn; bedeck; elaborate; embroider; enhance; exaggerate

Verb [-ehm- yuh layt]
To copy, to try to equal or excel

The graduate student sought to emulate his professor in every way, copying not only how she taught but also how she conducted herself outside of class.

Synonyms: ape; imitate; simulate

Noun [ehn -koh- me uhm]
Warm praise

Georgias's "Enconmium to helen" was written as atribute to Helen of troy.

Synonyms: citation; eulogy; panegyric; salutation; tribute

Adj [ehn -deh- mihk]
Belonging to a particular area; inherent

The health department determined that the outbreak was endemic to the small village, so it quarantined the inhabitants before the virus could spread.

Synonyms: indigenous; local; native

Synonyms: [ehn -uhr- vayt]
To reduce in strength

The guerrillas hoped that a series of surprise attacks would enervate the regular army.

Synonyms: debilitate; enfeeble; sap; weaken

Verb [ehn -jehn- duhr]
To produce, cause, or bring about

His fear and hatred of clowns was engendered when he witnessed a bank robbery carried out by five men wearing clown suits and make-up.

Synonyms: beget; generate; procreate; proliferate; reproduce; spawn

Noun [ih -nig- muh]
A puzzle, a mystery

Speaking in riddles and dressed in old robes, the artist gained a reputation as something of an enigma.

Synonyms: conundrum; perplexity

Verb [ih -noo- muhr ayt]
To count, list, itemize

Before making his decision, Jacob asked the waiter to enumerate the different varieties of ice cream that the restaurant carried.

Synonyms: catalog; index; tabulate

Adj [ih -fehm- uhr uhl]
Lasting a short time

The lives of mayflies seem ephemeral to us, since the flies' average life span is a matter of hours.

Synonyms: evanescent; fleeting; momentary; transient

Noun [eh pih -kyoor-] [-eh- pih kyuhr]
Person with refined taste in food and wine

Niren is an epicure who always throws the most splendid dinner parties.

Synonyms: bon vivant; connoisseur; gastrome; gastronomer; gastronomist; gourmand; gourmet