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o. first 3 lumbar veretebrae
lower 6 costal cartliages
xiphoid process of sternum
i. central tendon of the diaphragm
a.flattens central tendon and thus increases vertical diameter of thoracic cavity in inspiration
rectus abdominis
o. pubic symphsis and crest
i.coastal cartilages of ribs 5.6.7
xiphoid process
a. flexion of trunk, supports compression of abdominal contents
o. lateral surface of temporal bone
i. mandiable
a. retracts and closes jaw
transverse abdmoninis
o. inguinal ligmanet,iliac crest,thoracolumbar aponeurosis, internal surface of costal cartilages of ribs 7-12
i. abdominal aponeurosis and lineal alba,pubis
a. compresion of abdomial components
external oblique
o. lower8 ribs(5-12)
i. lineal alba,pubis,anterior iliac crest
quadratus lumborum
o.posterior iliac crest
i.12th rib,transverse processes of lumbar vetebrae 1-4
a.lateral flexion of trunk/ raises hip
internal oblique
o. ingunial ligament,anterior iliac crest, thoracolumbar aponeurosisa nd linea alba
a.bilaterally-flexion of trunk, compression of abdmonial contents
unilaterally- lateral flexion, roatation of trunk to same side
serratus posterior inferior
o. spinous processes of t11,12 and l1-3
i. inferior borders of last 4ribs
a.draws ribs outward and downward conteracting the inward pull of the diaphragm during expiration
o. sacrum, posterior superior iliac spine, tranverse processes all vertebrae
i. spinous processes of all vertebrae, inserting 2 to 4 vertebrae above origin
a.extension of spine rotation to opposite side