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A condition free from germs, infection and any form of life
Surgical Conscience
define needs, have all materials ready, start over if sterility is broken
Define the sterile area-personal
2" below neck to navel or waist and fingertips to 2" above elbows. Front only
Surgical Asepsis
procedures used to eliminate all microorganisms, including pathogens and spores from an object or area
Medical Asepsis
clean technique, procedures used to reduce and prevent the spread of microorganisms. eg. hand hygiene, clean gloves and clean environment.
Surgical Asepsis- uses
intentional perforation of the skin(iv caths, injections), surgical incisions or breaking the skin integrity, during procedures that involve insertion of catheters or instruments into sterile body cavities
Modes of Transmission of microorganisms
Contact (direct and indirect, droplet), air (droplet nuclei, residue from evaporated droplets), vehicles, vector (flies, mosquito)
Nosocomial infection
result from delivery of health services in a health care facility.
Iatrogenic Infection
nosocomial infections resulting from a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure
Exogenous Infectionq
microorganisms external to the individual that do not exist as normal flora
endogenous infection
can occur when a part of client's flora becomes altered and overgrowth occurs. eg. streptococci.
fluid or cells that are discharged from cells or blood vessels, pus, serum
Serous Exudate
clear plasma like
Sanguineous Exudate
containing rbc's
Purulent Exudate
contains wbc's and bacterium.
Sero-sanguineous Exudate
a mixture of both serous and sanguineous
Standard precuations- protection for exposure to:
blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions, except sweat regardless of whether they contain blood. Nonintact skin, mucous membranes.
Standard Precautions- applied
hand washing, clean gloves, masks, eyewear, gowns when appropriate
Second tier precautions
airborne, droplet, contact
Airborne precautions
droplets smaller than 5 microns. Laryngeal TB, Varicella, measels , pulmonary tb.
Droplet Precautions
droplets larger than 5 microns. Rubella, streptococcal pharyngitis, pneumonia, scarlet fever in children and infants.
Contact Precautions
Direct client or environmental contact. Colonization or infection with multidrug-resitant organism. Herpies simplex, scabies, varicella zoster etc.
Airborne Precautions- accomodations
private negative pressure airflow room. 6 changes per hour. mask or respiratory protection required
Droplet Precautions-accomodations
private room or cohort clients, mask
Contact Precautions -accomodations
gloves, gown, private or cohort client.
Sterile Field
an area free of microorganisms and prepared to receive sterile items.
used to sterilize surgical instruments, parenteral solutions, and surgical dressings
Chemical Sterilization
used to disinfect instruments, and equipment.
Ethylene Oxide Gas
sterilizes some rubber and plastics
Boiling water
household sterilization