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What is sexual identity?
based on person's sexual characteristics

genitalia external/internal

What is gender identity?
has nothing to do w/ packet
from the neck up

inside your head
what you think you are

by age 3
Who determines gender identity?
The parents

they dress you like a boy
or they dress you like a girl
What is gender role?
Based on external behavior
reflect the person's inner sense of gender identity

act like a boy
What is sexual orientation?
who you choose to love


Is there excessive masturbation?
only if it intereferes with normal everyday life
What is Homosexuality?
variant of human sexuality
What causes homosexuality?

monocygotic twins 50%
greater than dizygotic
What is more stable?
female female more stable homosexual relations
Do homosexuals have more mental illnesses?

No higher incidence of Pedophilia
What is the definition of paraphilias?
recurrent sexual arousing from:
1) humiliation/suffering
2) nonliving objects
3) non-consenting partners
How long do paraphilias last?
more than 6 months
What is characteristic in the life of parphilias?
they become imparied in their level of functioning
- loose their jobs,etc...
What is exhibitionist?
expose oneself to strangers
What is fetishism?
use of nonliving objects usually associated with the human body

panties, shoes
What is a frotteurism?
rubs himself against another nonconsenting partners
What is the MC paraphilia?
What is pedophilia?
urges or arousal toward prepubescent

age <16
What if person has sex with >16 yo?
statutory rape
What is a voyeurism?
pepping tom
observing an unsuspecting person who is engagin in sexual activity, disrobing
What is a Masocichst? and Sadist?
Masochist involves in inflicting pain/humiliation

sadist is the one who receive the inflicting pain
What is transvestic fetishism?
What sexual tendency is seen in transvestite fetishism?
heterosexual men
What is gender identity?
boy that uses women's clothes

pees while sitting down
plays w/ dolls
What is the Tx for paraphilia?

also SSRIs
What is the MCC of periodical middle age man impotence?
MCC of psychological impotence?
Fear of failure

man is afraid of not getting the erection
MC Medical cause of impotence?
Diabetes M.