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What metabolic# have neonates born to a diabetic mother?
Less surfactant (insulin blocks production)
What is the most common neonatal drug withdrawal and when will you see what sx?

What drug will cause intraventricular hemorrhage in a neonate?
Heroin: 48hrs
Methadone: 2-6weeks

hyperactive, jitters, fever, diarrhea, high pitched cry, poor feeding etcetc

Newborn X-chest:
1) ground glass and air bronchograms
2)fluid fissure, vascular markings
3)patchy infiltrates
1) RDS
2) transient tachypnea of newborn
3) meconium aspiration syndrome
Define physiologic jaundice

What tests if not phys?
- after 1st day
- not higher than 15 mg/dl
- unconjugated
- resolves in 1st week

Coombs, Hb, Reticulocytes for unconjugated hyperbili.
When do you give intrapartum GBS prophylaxis?
screening pos
Pos history for gbs
<37 weeks
>18hr rupture membranes
How do you prevent VZV infection in newborn?

What # if newborn infected?
If mother infected 5d before birth to 2d after: give IVIG and acyclovir.

scars, limb hypoplasia, cataracts, cortical atrophy
Which of the TORCH?
1) blueberry muffin
2) snuffles, rash
3) intracranial calcifications
4) most common
5) vesicles
6) microcephaly, chorioretinitis
7) poor prognosis
1) rubella
2) syphilis
3) toxo and cmv
4) cmv
5) hsv
6) toxoplasmosis
7) cmv
How do you treat neonatal toxoplasmosis?
1st trim: spiramycin
later: trim/sulfa

trim/sulfa and leucovorin
steroids for chorioretinitis
For which # is pneumatosis intestinalis X ray pathognomic?
Necrotizing enterocolitis - usually when introducing feeds and preterm baby
Which maternal # can result in a neonate with congenital heart block?

Where do you feel the pulse if <1yr?

What is compr/vent ratio for kids?

What is best action for inhalation foreign body if <1yr?
brachial/femoral pulse


chest thrusts and back blows - not heimlich

Activated charcoal is 1st, except for....?

Do you give charcoal to alcohol intox teenager?
cyanides, acids, bases, metals, na, k, cl

yes, in case of drug co-ingestion
what is a very popular drug in high schools that mimics depression if chronically used?
Amphetamine (also insomnia, nervous, suicidal)
What signifies acetaminophen ingestion?
when can you give N-acetylcysteine for acetaminophen poisoning?
second stage 24-72 hrs with less (!) sx2

up to 16 hrs after ingestion
What is the course of aspirin poisoning?

When do you measure for prognosis?
respiratory alkalosis
paradoxical aciduria
metabolic (lactic) acidosis, dehydration, hypolalemia (after 24hrs, or 4-6 in infants)

6 hrs after ingestion: if>70 - severe, >100 fatal
CO poisoning - when do you stop giving O2?

what are long term#?
Untill COHb<5% and urine output >1ml/kg/hr

memory loss, behavior changes and/or blindness
What characterizes hydrocarbon ingestion?
chemical pneumonitis: fever, cough, emesis

sx may be delayed 6 hrs
What characterizes iron ingestion?
honeymoon period after 6-12 hrs

late#: GI scarring and obstruction
What are the most common causes of pneumonia in different pediatric age groups?
0-2mo: GBS - e coli- Listeria
2-4mo: Chlamydia, RSV, parainfluenza
4mo-5yr: viral, strep pneu, HiB, mycoplasma
5yr+: mycoplasma
What characterizes and innocent cardiac murmur?
3-7 yr
soft vibratory/musical ejection
murmur left lower to midsternal border
never greater than 2/6
What is the most common cardiac cause of acute cyanosis in first day of life?

What cardiac# will give sx later in life?
Transposition of great vessels

Later is L-R shunt, because of eisenmenger effect.