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Pt presents with sudden onset, severe, diffuse ab pain. Exam reveals peritoneal signs and AXR reveals free air under diaphragm. Management?
Emergent laparotomy to repair a perforated viscus
Most likely cause of acute lower GI bleed in pts > 40 y/o
Dx modality used when US is equivocal for cholecystitis
HIDA scan
RFs for cholelithiasis
Fat, female, fertile, forty, flatulent
Inspiratory arrest during palpation of RUQ
Murphy's sign, seen in acute cholecystitis
Most common cause of SBO in pts with NO hx of ab surgery
Most common cause of SBO in pts with hx of ab surgery
Diarrhea Most common org
Diarrhea recent abx use
C difficile
D Travelers
D church picnics/mayo
S aureus
D Uncooked hamburgers
E coli 0157:H7
D Fried rice
B cereus
D Poultry/eggs
D Raw seafood
Vibrio, HAV
Isospora, cryptosporidium, MAC
D Pseudoappendicitis
25 y/o Jewish man with pain and watery D after meals. Exam shows fistulas b/w bowel and skin and nodular lesions on his tibias
Crohn's dz
Inflammatory dz of colon with INC risk of colon ca
UC (> risk than Crohns)
Extraintestinal manifestations of IBD
Uveitis, ankylosing spondylitis, pyoderma gangrenosum, erythema nodosum, primary sclerosing cholangitis
Med tx for IBD
5-ASA agents and steroids during acute exacerbations
Difference b/w mallory weis and boerhaave tears
M-W--superficial tear in esoph mucosa
Boerhaave--full thickness esoph rupture
Charcot's triad
RUQ pain, jaundice, fever/chills---signs of ascending cholangitis
Reynold's pentand
Charcot's triad plus shock and mental status change--signs of suppurative ascending cholangitis
Med tx for hepatic encephalopathy
DEC protein intake, lactulose, rifaximin
1st step in management of pt with acute GI bleed
Manage ABCs
4 y/o presents w/ oliguria, petechiae, jaundice following an illness with bloody D. Most likely dx and cause?
HUS due to e. coli O157:H7
Post-HBV exposure tx
Classic cause of drug-induced hepatitis
TB meds (INH, rif,PZA), acetaminophen, and tetracycline
Hernia with highest risk of incarceration--indirect, direct or femoral?
Femoral hernia
50 y/o man with hx of EtOH abuse presents with boring epigastric pain that radiates to back and is relieved by sitting forward. Management?
Confirm dx of acute pancreatitis with elevated amylase and lipase. Make pt NPO and give IV fluids, O2, analgesia, "tincture of time"