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Describe "hyperplastic" vs "hyaline" arteriosclerosis
hyperplastic-- onion skinning, acute vessel wall necrosis & fibrin deposition.
hyaline-- partial replacement of arterial wall by homogenous pink material.
Describe monckeberg's arteriosclerosis
medial calcification of small arteries.
Describe "complete" vs "incomplete" division of uteric bud
complete causes bifid ureter w/ 2kidneys on 1-side.

Incomplete causes bifid ureter w/ partial divided kidneys
What is a mjr complication of a dissecting aortic aneurysm?
occlusion of renal arteries causing bilateral renal infarct. Will present w/ bilateral flank pain & hematuria.
What is the difference between Diabetes Insipidus & Addison's Dx
Addisons Dx-- lacking aldosterone.

DI-- inadequate ADH, presents w/ polyuria & polydyspia.
Where is the most common growth area for BPH vs Prostate cancer?
BPH -- periurethral prostate.

Cancer -- posterior lobe of the prostate.
What are the 4 most common organisms causing acute pyelonephritis?
Gram (-) bacteria:
E.Coli, Proteus, Klebsiella & enterobacter.

lab shows leukocytosis w/ left shift.
What kind of diuretic is contraindicated in anuria?

Which one is contra to renal failure?
mannitol (it is an osmotic diuretic)

Spironolactones b/c they exacerbate hyperkalemia.
What it Charcot's Triad?
fever, jaundice, RUQ pain. Occurs when gallstone are dislodged in common bile duct.
* stones in cystic duct or gallbladder don't cause jaundice.