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to be on target
acertar (ie)
to go up, promote
ascender (ie)
to heat
calentar (ie)
to close
cerrar (ie)
to begin
comenzar (ie)
to confess
confesar (ie)
to understand
entender (ie)
to govern
gobernar (ie)
to think
pensar (ie)
to lose
perder (ie)
to want
querer (ie)
to recommend
recomendar (ie)
to defend
defender (ie)
to go down
descender (ie)
to wake up
despertar(se) (ie)
to begin (not commence)
empezar (ie)
to light
encender (ie)
to lock/to contain
encerrar (ie)
to have memory of
acordar(se de) (ue) : acuerdo
to go to bed
acostar(se) (ue) : acuesto
to eat lunch
almorzar (ue) : almuerzo
to count
contar (ue) : cuento
to cost
costar (ue) : cuesto
to show / demonstrate
demostrar (ue) : demuesto
to return, to give back
devolver (ue) : devuelvo
to hurt/ache
doler (ue) : duelo
to find
encontrar (ue) : encuentro
to wrap up
envolver (ue) : envuelvo
to play (sport/game)
jugar (u-ue) : juego
to return from a place
volver (ue) : vuelvo
to bite
morder (ue) : muerdo
to show (an item to)
mostrar (ue) : muestro
to move
mover (ue) : muevo
to smell
Oler (o-hue) : huelo
to be able to / can
poder (ue) : puedo (NO PEUDO!)
to try / to taste / to try on
probar(se) (ue) : pruebo
to remember
recordar (ue) : recuerdo
to solve / resolve
resolver (ue) : resuelvo
to sound / to sing
sonar (ue) : sueno
to dream
Soñar con (ue) : sueño con
to fly
volar (ue) : vuelo