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Used to facilitate consistency and efficiency in meeting assigned responsibilities; includes orders, regulations, instructions, and notices to serve as guides for controlling decisions and actions.
Course of action to be followed in a given situation
Series of coordinated steps for performance of a function in support of a policy
Command issued by a superior officer
Rule setting forth standards governing or restraining conduct
Info concerning methods for execution of projects or programs to accomplish a mission
Instructions and notices
Instruction or notice?
Continuing action in effect till superseded or cancelled by originator or higher
Instruction or notice?
One time or brief, self cancelling
When is the POD read, according to SORN?
Prior to liberty call in port, prior to taps underway
What book contains the operation and safe navigation of a ship underway during the night?
Captain's Night Order Book
Which document contains instructions to Tactical Action Officer on the employment of the ship's weapons
Captain's Battle Orders
What document contains daily addendums to the Captain's Battle Orders?
Captain's Combat Intentions
What contains the night orders from the ship's engineer?
Engineer Officer's Night Order Book
What book is prepped by the Navigator?
OOD Standing Order Book
What is like the OOD Standing Order book but is more informal?
OOD Memoranda