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What is the formula for a z score?
z=(x-mean)/standard deviation
What is the within group degrees of freedom for ANOVA?
What is the between group degrees of freedom for ANOVA?
What is the total degrees of freedom for ANOVA?
What is the degrees of freedom for Factor 1 of ANOVA?
# of factor 1 levels-1
What is the interaction degrees of freedom for ANOVA?
The degrees of freedom for either factor
Type I Error
Erroneously reject the null hypothesis
Type II Error
Erroneously accept the null hypothesis
What are the two main classes of statistics?
Descriptive and inferential
Standard deviation=
Square root of variance
How do you find the empirical t value in a t-test?
Use t=(sample mean-population mean)/[standard deviation/(square root of N)]
When do you use a t-test?
When you're trying to determing whether it's likely that a sample stemmed from a population with a given mean
Decision rules for a t-test
If the observed t is between the critical values, do not reject the null hypothesis. If the observed t value is outside of the critical values, reject the null hypothesis.
What is the 95% confidence interval?
mean (+/-) 1.96(standard deviation/square root of N)
If there are 20 people: 10 females and 10 men, what is the degrees of freedom?
How do you find the observed t value when you are trying to determine whether there are differences between two groups?
mean1-mean2/long, complicated demonimator
What is the 95% confidence interval using two groups?
(mean1-mean2) (+/-) alpha t value(complicated denominator)
When do you use a standard normal (z) distribution as opposed to the t-distribution?
Use z when you know the population standard error. Use t when the error is estimated from the sample.
What is the Pearson correlation coefficient symbolized by?
What is the degrees of freedom for Pearson's?
How do you determine a percent of variance?
r squared
What kind of correlation would you use to test the relationship between rankings?
Spearman rank order correlation (r sub s)
Regression is used to...
...predict one variable from another
Correlation is used to...
...find the degree of linear relationship between two variables
If the F ratio approximates 1, that means...
...there is no treatment effect
How many variables and levels are there in a 2x2x4 factorial design?
3 variables, 2, 2, and 4 factors
How do you determine the number of levels from the degrees of freedom?
Add one
How do you determine the number of groups from the degrees of freedom?
How do you find the total amount of between group variability?