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Anything that may take on different values or amounts.
Independant Variable
Variable controlled and manipulated by the experimenter.
Dependent Variable
Measurement of behavior.
Complete colection of anything.
Measurable characteristic of a popualtion.
A subset of the population.
Measurable characteristic of a sample.
Process of selecting a sample from the population.
Random Sampling
Method in which each member of a population has an equal chance of being selected.
Stratified Random Sampling
Population is divided into groups, and random samples are taken from each group.
Assignent of numbers or labels to objects or events.
Nominal Scale
Assigns a name or label to different objects or events.
Ordinal Scale
Identify and rank-order each object or event.
Interval Scale
Identify and rank-order each object or event, each unit assumed to be equal to each other.
Ratio Scale
Identify and rank-order each object or event, each unit assumed to be equal to each other, has a true "0".
Measurement Data
Data involiving a true measurement process.
Frequency Data
Data consisting of counts, totals, or frequencies.
Descriptive Statistics
Tools used to describe or illistrate data.

Ex - GPA, graphs
Interential Statistics
Allows us to make conclusions about a larger group based on a subset of it and tell us how confident we are in out conclusions.
Not representive of the population
Scales of Measurment
Rules used for assigning numbers
Measurment data
Data from some kind of true measurement processes