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what is atatistics?
the science of collecting, classifying and interpreting data
where does data come from? terems used with data.
individuals: the objects described by a set of data. people, animals and things
variables: any characteristics of an individual. can take different values for different individuals.
data sources: observational studies
observational study: observes individuals and measures variables of interest but does not attempt to influence responses.
whta is a sample survey?
a sample that is selected and asked top respond to questions
what is an experiment?
imposing treatment on an individual to observe their responses. to study if their is a change in the response.
what is population?
entire group of individuals about which we want information about.
what is a sample?
part of population form which we collect the information. used for drawing conclusions.
a sampling frame?
list of all available individuals of population from who the sample will be selected from.
what is a census?
sample survey using all the population in the sample.
what is biased design?
where it systematically favors a certain outcome.
what is a convenience sample?
a biased view that selects individauls that are easiest to reach.