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Statistically significant
unlikly to have occured by chance
Qualifying Statistical significance
0.05 (1-20) sig at the 0.05 level

0.01 (1-100) sig at the 0.01 level
most basic results of observations or experiments
Collection if one or more outcomes that share a property of interests
expressing probabilty
p event = 0 and 1
probability of 0 means that the event is impossiable

Probability of 1 means that the event is certain
Theoretical methods:
P(a)= number of ways A can occur
total number of outcomes
Relative freq method
P(A)= number of times A occured
total number of observations
Probability of the complement of an event
P(A)= 1- P(A)
Law of Large Numbers
Repeated through many trials, proportion of the trails in which event A ocurs will be close to the probabitity P(A)
Expected Values
Expected Values = (valueof event1) x (prob of event 1) + (value of event 2)X(prob of event 2)
Probability for independent events
P(A and B)= P(A) X P(B)