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Energy that can travel through space in the forms of waves
Electromagnet waves
The light you can see
Visible light
The distance between crest to crest in a wave
Light that spreads out in different colors if you shine it through a prism
Instruments that collect and focus light and other forms of electromagnet radiation.
A telescope that uses lenses or mirrors to collect and focus light
Optical Telescope
a telescope that uses convex lenses to gather and focus light.
Refracting Telescope
A piece of glass were the middle is thicker then the edges
Convex Lens
A telescope that uses a curved mirror to collect and focus light
Reflecting Telescope
A building that contains one or more telescopes
Detect radio waves from objects in space
Radio Telescopes
A device that breaks light into color
Brightness as seen from Earth
Apparent Brightness
The stars brightness if it were standard distance from Earth
Absolute Brightness
Graph that is used to determine Color, Brightness, and Temp.
Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
The diagonal area in the H-R diagram
Main Sequence
A large cloud of gas and dust spread over a immense volume
A contracting cloud of gas with enough mass to form a star
The blue-white core of the star left behind cools and becomes
White Dwarf
The explosion of a super-giant star
Remains of high-mass stars
Neutron Stars
Spinning neutron stars
An object with gravity so strong nothing, not even light can escape it.
Black Hole