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What is a settlement?
A place where people live
In order, from smallest to largest, name the settlements according to their hierarchy (5)
Single house, hamlet, village, town, city, (conurbation)
What is meant by a settlement 'site'?
The exact place where a settlement is built.
Give 4 factors that need to be considered when siting a new settlement.
Defence, building materials, water supply, shelter, fuel supply, fertile land
What is meant by settlement 'situation'?
Where a town is in relation to other settlements, roads, landmarks. (give named examples and directions/distances in your answer... e.g. Thornhill is 15 miles north of Dumfries, it is east of the River Nith...
What is meant by settlement 'function' and give 4 examples of functions.
Function = the purpose of a settlement. i.e. what a settlement does.
Examples = market town, administrative centre, military, tourist town, religious centre...
If you can, try and included named examples for each of these.
Dumfries and Kelso are examples of market towns.
Name 3 features of a market town.
Route centre, close to a river (to power the old mills), bridging point, railway (possibly dismantled now)
Name 4 of the main land uses in a town or city.
(landuse - how the land is being used)
Residential, roads (and communication lines), recreational, shops and offices, services (hospitals and schools)
From the centre to the edge, name the 4 main zones in the urban land use model (name them in the correct order).
Central Business District (CBD), Inner City, Inner Suburbs, Outer Suburbs
Describe the characteristics of:
i) Inner City
ii) Outer Suburbs
Give at least 4 characteristics for each zone
i) Inner City
Grid iron pattern streets, 4 storey tenement flats, on-street parking, derelict buildings, old factories close by, railways, lots of churches
ii) Outer Suburbs
Curvi-linear street pattern, gardens, driveways, parks (open spaces), industry away from the housing
What sorts of features would you look for on a map to identify the CBD? (try to give 4)
Haphazard street patterns, cathedrals, route centre, train stations, bus stations
Glasgow's Inner City was said to be one of the worst slums in western Europe (40's/50's). What 3 things did the city planners do to solve the housing problems?
Knocked the tenements down and built 'high rise flats', moved the people to 'council estates' (Easterhouse, Castlemilk), moved them to 'New Towns' (East Kilbride) .
What is the name given when communities are broken up due to relocations (to new towns and council estates)?
Social fragmentation
What is meant by Urban redevelopment?
clearing an area and starting again (e.g. the building of highrise)
What is urban decay?
when the whole area deteriorates. People move out the area, shops suffer as there are customers, shops close and get boarded up, people move away - leads to further poverty and possibly crime.