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What does the term 'replication' mean in a
Replication means to copy a cell contents to
another cell
to do with a copy
Name two ways that a cell in a spreadsheet
can be formatted
Alignment - centre/left right and Number of
decimal places
the way a cell looks
What is the name of the feature that prevents
a cell from being altered?
Cell protection will 'lock' a cell from change
the cell is locked
What function would you use in a spreadsheet
to get the highest number from cell B3 to B7
The 'maximum' function would be used and
the formula would be = max(b3:b7)
highest number is the clue
Explain the difference between absolute
replication and relative replication
Absolute replication is an identical copy of
the original formula. Relative replication
means the rows and column reference
one is the same and the other has changes
Name two graphic tools used when drawing a
A line tool and a rectangle tool can be used
when drawing a house
think of any object or shape in a simple house
Name a drawing tool use to draw a car
Rectangle tool and circle tool (wheels) can be
used to draw a car.
think of a simple drawing of a car. What shapes are ther?
If a graphic does not fit on a page what can be
done to correct the problem?
Scale the graphic so it is smaller and it will
fit on the page.
making it smaller is not the correct technical term
A graphic of an arrow is pointing South. How
can you make it point North?
Select the graphic and rotate it 180 degrees.
This will point the arrow in the opposite
you need to select it first then.....
How can you get a graphic which has been
draw by hand into the computer?
Scan the graphic using a scanner. This will
get the image into the computer
use a device connected to the computer
If there is a graphic of a class photo what can
you do to isolate your image from the rest of
the group?
Crop the graphic to remove your image from
the group
not cut it out ....something else
When drawing a graphic explain the meaning
of a 'tool attribute'
A tool attribute is the settings of a drawing
tool e.g. a line can be thick or thin, red or
blue. Colour and thickness are attributes
what you can do to a shape drawn by a tool
What is a 'standard paragraph?'
A standard paragraph is a paragraph which
has been saved and can be inserted into a
a paragraph that you may use again and again so....
What feature of a word processor can be used
to replace the name "Albert" with "Harry"
throughout a document in one operation?
Search and Replace would be used to search
for all occurrences of "Albert" and replace
with "Harry"
look for it and make the change...(not the right wording!)
Why are some words highlighted as spelling
errors in a word processor when they are
The words are not in the computer's
dictionary e.g. people's names and place
Why do you not knpow how to spell words? Same idea for the computer.