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lighting instrument with high-intensity, narrow beam; mounted on a stand to "follow" an actor
production design team
producer, director, scenic, costume, lighting, sound, and other designers who develop the visual and aural concept for the production
an extra, actor not called for in the script
shift rehearsal
a run-through without actors to practice changing the scenery and props
stage business
specific action; a bit performed by an actor during a play
a sheet of mechanical drawings, drawn to scale
to change the position of scenery, props, or stage equipment
controlling/operating some aspect of a production
to connect a lighting instrument to a stage circuit
to connect a stage circuit to a dimmer circuit
hookup sheet
a sheet containing pertinent information about every lighting instrument; aka instrument schedule
color media
colored plastic, gel, or glass filters used in lighting instruments
warp and weft
vertical and horizontal threads in a fabric
the process of curling, combing, teasing, and/or brushing necessary to maintain the style of a wig or hairpiece
sound-reinforcement system
the amplification of sound coming from the stage
stream-of-consciousness questioning
asking whatever relevant questions pop into your mind in the course of a discussion
thumbnail sketch
small, quick, rough drawing, usually done in pencil, shows major outline, character, and feeling of the object but does not have much detail
functional model
3-D sketch of scenic design; normally built on a scale of 1/2 or 1/4 inch to 1 foot; made from illustration board, bristol board, file folders, or similar cardboard; AKA white model
production model
scale model, similar to functional model but fully painted and complete with all furniture and decorative props
stage configuration -- rectangular opening that resembles picture frame
thrust stage
stage projecting into, and surrounded on three sides by audience
arena stage
stage completely surrounded by audience
forced perspective
visual distortion technique tha tincreases the apparent depth of an object
raked stage
stage floor that is higher at the back than the front
stock set
scenery designed to visually support a generalized location rather than a specific one; commonly used in Renaissance
flat extension of stage fllor that projects from proscenium arch toward audience
tall cloth-covored frames or narrow unframed drops placed on either side of stage, parallel with proscenium arch, prevents audience from seeing backstage
wide, short, framed, or unframed cloth drops suspended to prevent audience from seeing above the stage
picture frame stage
proscenium arch stage
to place one or more microphones in proximity to a sound source
to blend electronic signals created by several sound sources
to adjust the loudness levels of individual signals while mixing, to achieve an appropriate blend
network of steel beams supporting elements of system used to raise and lower scenery
thick wooden dowel or metal pipe from which scenery and lighting instruments are suspended
loft blocks
grooved pulley, mounted on top of grid, used to change direction in which a rope or cable travels
stage house
physical structure enclosing area above stage and wings
head block
multisheave block with two or more pulley wheels, used to change direction of all ropes or cables that support batten
pin rail
horizontal pipe or rail studded with belaying pins; ropes of rope-set system are wrapped around belaying pins to hold batten to a specific height
counterweight arbor
metal cradle that holds counterbalancing weights used in a counterweight flying system
loading platform
walkway, suspended just below grid, where counterweights are loaded onto arbor
locking rail
rail that holds rope locks for each counterweight set
block audiences view of backstage area
move horizontally relative to stage floor; drape
framework, frequently covered with thin plywood or fabric
hard teaser
horizontal element of false proscenium
vertical flats of false proscenium
show portal
false proscenium that visually supports style and color palette of production
circular metal eyelet used to reinforce holes in fabric
fly cyc
single drop, hung on U-shaped pipe, surrounds stage on three sides
lighting grid
network of pipes from which lights are hung
hanging position
location where lights are placed
dead hang
suspend without means of raising or lowering
ratchet winch
device used for hoisting; crank attached to a drum
rods vs. cones
faint light vs. bright light (red, blue, green)
Primary Colors
red, blue, green
Secondary Hues
yellow, magenta, cyan
Primary Pigments
red, blue, yellow
Secondary Pigments
purple, green, orange
subtractive color mixing; creates grey
lines used to define shape of an object
flats, drops, draperies on offstage side of doors
ground row
low, horizontal flats, used to mask base of cycs and drops
drawing in scale of an object that shows what it would look like if cut straight through at a given plane
center-line section
sectional drawing whose cutting plane is center line of stage and auditorium, showing heights of various elements in theatre
sight-line drawings
scale drawing of sighting that extend from extreme seats to any position of stage
to copy drawings made on tracing vellum
representing lines of an object as shorter than they actually are in order to give illusion of proper relative size
vanishing point
point the horizon to which a set of parallel lines recedes
horizon line
line perspective drawing representing meeting of earth and sky; drawm parallel to top or bottom edge of paper
floor line
base of vertical plane in a perspective drawing
dull, nonreflective
brilliance, visual depth, sparkle
highly reflective, mirrorlike
relative stiffnesss of bristles
Material Safety Data Sheets
7 Steps
CARISIE - Commitment, Analysis, Research, Incubation, Selevtion, Implementation, Evaluation