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Who developed principals that contributed to modern sterilization. "Germ theory of disease" led to development of sterilization
Louis Pasteur
Who applied the principals of Louis Pasteur to surgical practice...led to the establishing of asepsis and practice of sterile technique
Joseph Lister
Who discovered the heat-resistant phase (spore stage) of bacteria
John Tyndall
Who developed the first non-prenssure flowing steam sterilizer
Robert Koch
What american engineer led to the development of the modern autoclave
Weeden Underwood
What was the first liquid chemical agent and approved by the EPA in 1963 for use in autoclave?
The growth of certain microorganisms rely on parasites..usually the growth of these life forms is damaging to the host what are there called.
The multiplication of organisms in the tissue is called what?
An infection acquired while in the hospital is called what?
Nosocomial infection
What bacteria resides in the lumen of the human intestine that would cause an infection when released in the peritoneal cavity
E Coli
What are bacteria called that must have oxygen to survive
What are bacteria called that does not need oxygen to survive
A Gram stain is a laboratory process in which _____ is placed on bacteria
Gentian violet
If the bacteria stain blue it is _________
gram positive
If it doesn't stain bue it is considered _____
gram negative