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SSIC 1000 - 1999
Military Personnel
SSIC 2000-2999
SSIC 3000-3999
Operations and Readiness
SSIC 4000-4999
SSIC 5000-5999
General Admin and Management
SSIC 6000-6999
Medicine and Dentistry
SSIC 7000-7999
Financial Management
SSIC 8000-8999
Ordnance Material
SSIC 9000-9999
Ship Design and Material
SSIC 10000-10999
General Material
SSIC 11000-11999
Facilities and Activities Ashore
SSIC 12000-12999
Civilian Personnel
SSIC 13000-13999
Aero/Astronautical Material
SSIC 16000-16999
Coast Guard Missions
What are the three fundamental pillars on which United States military strategy rests?
Deterrence, forward defense, and alliance solidarity
As a minimum, how often should you assess your division's personnel and material readiness?
At which of the following times is the performance evaluation considered final and no further changes are permitted?
After the report is submitted to BUPERS
You have certain rights and responsibilities concerning your evaluation. Which of the following publications would you use for detailed information about your rights?
U.S. Navy Regulations
When EMI is assigned to correct a military deficiency, which of the following limitations normally is observed?
EMI is assigned in periods not to exceed 2 hours daily
The damage control administrative organization is contained witin what department?
Assigning your junior petty officers challenging jobs will increase which of the following skills?
Who must approve the removal of abestos insulation aboard ship?
Commanding Officer
A change in a ship's watch condition when getting underway, mooring, or modifying the condition of readiness is called?
setting the watch
The ship's deck log may be used in which of the following ways?
As record of the proceedings of a safety committee meeting
The Navy Rights and Responsibilites workshop is conducted by which of the following groups?
Command Training Team (CTT)
The authority which is granted to all officers and petty officers to fulfill their duties and responsibilites is known as what type or authority?
In evaluating the performance of an E-3, when, if ever, should you assign a grades in block 36, Directing?
When the E-3 has clearly demonstrated abiliites in this area
On which of the following dates are periodic performance evaluations submitted for E-5 personnel?
31 March
During general quarters which of the following persons is/are responsible for setting material condition Zebra in manned spaces?
Personnel in the space