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an Indian leader
an amount of money remaining after the cost of a business has been paid
a document that permitted colonists to settle on land claimed by their ruler
a large fleet of ships
a crop that is sold for money
cash crop
a group who made laws for the colony
House of Burgesses
to repay the debt of sailing to the new world, a person who would agree to work 5 - 7 years to pay off debt
indentured servant
a water route through North America to Asia
Northwest Passage
shares of ownership in a business or company
an agreement made by the pilgrims to obey the colonies "just and equal laws"
Mayflower Compact
a captain who became a strong leader at Jamestown. Organized and befriended indians
John Smith
ruler to all peoples
Chief Powhatan
Spain's king, who attached England as punishment for attacking Spanish Colonies and ships (he lost)
King Phillip II
In 1587, he was sent by Raleigh to be the colony's governor (a skillful painter)
John White
England's queen in 1585. Virginia colony named after her - "Virgin Queen"
Queen Elizabeth I
English Captain, hired by Dutch East Indian Company in 1609 to find the Northwest Passage
Henry Hudson
elected leader of the pilgrims
William Bradford
commander of parade and games at the first Thanksgiving
Miles Standish
a sachem who helped the Pilgrims
Indian who helped pilgrims
convinced Queen E. to begin a colony in North America; trusted advisor, granted a charter to find Roanoke Island
Sir Walter Raleigh
Sailed for France; reached Newfoundland in 1534
Jacques Cartier
Italian, sailed for France - reached the Outer Banks (present day North Carolina in 1524)
Giovanni de Verrazano
Sailed for France, founded Port Royal (Nova Scotia) establishe Quebec in 1608
Samuel de Champlain
Italian who sailed for England; found Newfoundland in 1497
John Cabot
chief's daughter who saves John Smith, marries John Rolfe (1614)
a colonist who began harvesting tobacco in Jamestown
John Rolfe
Sachem (leader) of Wampanoag in 1600's; helped pilgrims