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vulnerable, liable to be affected by something; open, exposed Because of the medicine she is taking, Baba is susceptible to catching colds and flues more easily.
fear or anticipation of waiting for something; something have to do with fear or mystery, as in a suspense novel; anxiety, apprehension Joe was in an agony of suspense waiting to find out if he'd gotten the lead part in the school play.
outline, short summary; Oren wrote a one-page synopsis of a 55-page book.
quiet, tending not to speak; shy, reserved Lyle is a taciturn boy who plays by himself and rarely says a word.
acting with sensitivity to others' feelings; discreet, politic, delicate, judicious, diplomatic, sensitive, considerate, I sent Eva to explain our situation to our rude hosts, for she is the most tactful person I know.
to poison, to corrupt; poison, contaminate, infect, corrupt, debase "I have tainted the princess's wine with a potion that will age her horribly in a few short weeks!" the witch proclaimed gleefully.
bother; interfere, meddle; tinker, manipulate Dan tampered with the thermostat and raised the temperature in the room to 85 degrees.
something that can be felt by touching; having actual substance; (opposite: intangible) material, palpable, concrete The storming of the castle didn't bring the soldiers tangible rewards, but it brought them great honor.
stretched tightly, stretched, tense The rope tightrope walkers cross must be very taught.
1. Denying oneself too much pleasure; avoiding extreme positions, moderate, sensible Lloyd is the most temperate student I have ever met; even on Friday nights he goes to bed early. 2. a mild climate; mild, moderate The temperate weather of California is a welcome change from the harsh winters and muggy summers of New York City.