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what are the four calvin laws? access for everyone
2. no wickedness (dancing,cards) rude songs
4.9pm curfew
3 types of prodestant? calvinist anglican
what did martin luther nail to the church door?
His nintey five theses
What did martin luther burn in public?
The bull that excommunicated him
Why did people want to be prodestant?
1.high church taxes (tithes)
2.scandels with the pope
3.poor were taxed
4.god saves through faith not money
how did martin luther spread prodestantism?
using the printing press he made the bible in several differentlanguages, and gave many speaches
how did the catholics try to stop prodestantism?
1.threaten excommunication
2.they massacuredthem (killed)
put non believers on trial and killed them
st.Bartholemews Massacure
queen of frane is at a wedding, and orders all the prodestants to be killed started a religious war that lasted for seven years
king henry the eighth
started the protestant church in england
Leonardo Da Vinici
he lived from 1452-1519 he wasnt just a great painter but an inventor, engineer, and a scientist. he painted many master pieces including th mona lisa
born in 1509. he studided to become a doctor, and then became interested in astronomy
1475-1564 he was a painter,sculpter... and painte the sistine chapel ceiling.
he was a humminist
was a famous writer
the place between heaven and hell well a soul rests
hiring friends, family, or people who give you money for a job
he wrote many books where he was critical of the church, priests, bishops, cardinals, and the pope
paying priests to remove your sins
black death
the plauge
city state
a city that runs it self like a country
the area surrounding a city
flying buttress
an arch that supports a wall