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Alice Paul
Social activist womans rights
-forms national womans party
-hunger strikes
Magaret Sanger
thought that having less children would lead to better health and family
-pushed birth control
Florence kelly
felt woman hurt by unfair prices
-formed NCl
National consumer leauge get special prices to unfair/safe work
Lincoln Steffens
Muckraker wrote "shame of cities" corruption in Philly
Jacob Riis
Muckraker photographer of ghetto
Jane Adams
Leading figure in settlement house
Settlement house
community center that provied services for the poor
Social Gospel
By following the bibles charity and justice make society a kingdom of god
Citizens approve or reject laws passed by legislature
19th amendment
stating women may vote
Ida b. Wells
Black teacher helped form NationAssociation of Colored Women
NAtional american of women suffrage association
John Muir
Helped form yosemite national park looks for areas that needed to be conserved
new nationalism
restore govt trust busting power