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What is a Loyalist?
Colonists who supported the British.
What is a Patriot?
Rebels against the British.
What are the Sons of Liberty?
A secret society of colonists who opposed British polocies.
What is the Writs of Assistance?
Allowed British to search homes for smuggled goods.
What is the Proclamation of 1763?
It prohibited colonists from settling west of the Appalachians.
What was the First Continental Congress?
It was a meeting of all the delegates from each colony, except Georgia.
What was the Boston Tea Party?
When the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Native Americans and dumped crates of tea overboard.
What is a Pacifist?
A person morally opposed to war.
What was Common Sense?
A pamphlet that convinced many Americans a break with Britain was necessary, written by Thomas Paine.
Define Boycott
The refusal to buy certain goods