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What is the Bill of Rights?
the first ten amendments to the constitution
Why did some states refuse to ratify the constitution without the Bill of Rights?
they didn't want the government to become too powerful and take away the rights of the people
What amendments apply to specific individual rights?
the 1-8
The congress can propose an amendment by how much of a vote of each house? (fraction)
How many senators and Reps would you need?
67 senators and 287 representatives
the legisatures in how much of the states can ratify the amendment? Conventions in how many of the states can ratify the amendment? (fraction)
How many times has the constitution been amended?
27 times
Why has the constitution been amended so little times?
its hard to get proposal and approval by so many states and senators
What are the five civil liberties?
freedom of speech, freedom of press, right to assemble,freedom of religion, and right to petition
How many amendments are there?
What is the purpose of the 2nd amendment?
to have the right to bear Arms