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Where is the Judiacal Branch found?
Article III
What is the main job of the Judical Branch?
interpret laws
What is the highest court in the land?
Superme court there disicions are final!
Explain the purpose of the Judiciary Act 1789
The purpose of the Judiciary Act, established the Supreme Court, the highest court of the federal judiciary, and two levels of federal courts underneath it- the trial courts and the appellate courts. Established the federal court system and the office of the Attorney General.
What kinds of cases are decided in federal court?
controversies between states, ambassadors, between citizens from different states, between citizens from the same state fighting over land
Cases that require an interpretation of the Constitution
Cases involving the U.S., a state, or its citizens
What is treason?
the violation of the allegiance owed by a person to his or her own country.”
what is the minium # for treason witnesses?
Define Corruption of blood
“Corruption of Blood” is defined as, “punishing the family of a person who has committed treason.” It is forbidden by the Constitution.
13th amendment?
abolished slavery 1865
citizenship and prevents states from interfering in the irghtd ofcitizens of the U.S.
the right to vote for african american men