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It starts at the equator. it runs east to west, but it's named north or south. parellel.
stars at prime meridian, east north to south, but it's named east or west. not parellel. meets at the poles.
5 themes of geography
location * place * human * enviroment interaction * movement * region
is the exact or relative sopt of anything on earth.
the physical and human features of a specific location.
point of view based on a person's experience and personel understanding
spatial perspective
point of view based on looking at where something is and why it's there
geography: the study of earth's physical and cultural features
urban: an area that contains a city
an area of open land that's often used for farming
the growing of a plant or taming of an animal by a person for their own use.
cultural groups of ppl who share learned beliefs and practices.
a learned system of shared beliefs and ways if doing things that guide a person's daily life.
seeing different in another culture as inferior
a highly complex culture with growing cities and economic activity
a gype of farming in which farmers grow just enough food to provide for them selves and their family
literacy rate
percent of people who xcan read and write