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Why did kerosene replace whale oil?
What is Chesapeake Bay?
What makes torusim an important business in the NE?
What are "Leaf-peeper" tours?
What is blubber?
Why was blubber important?
What are lobster boats made from?
What are smaller boats made from?
Why does the NE have so many forest?
What are the two types of trees found in the NE?
Why do the leaves change in the NE?
What causes the leaves to change color?
Why were the bays and harbors important to the NE?
Why did Europeans hunt for whales?
What state in the NE is not within easy reach of the Atlantic Ocean?
What does the coastline look like?
What is a bay?
What is a harbor?
What two things have harmed the fishing business in the NE?
What is aquaculture?
What kind of trees have long, thin leaves, stay green, and are of a softer wood?
List some examples of needleaf trees.
What type of tree loses its leaves in the winter, has wide leaves, and is hardwood?
List some examples of broadleaf trees.
How cold and hot can the NE get?
What causes the seasons?