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With freedom of speech and freedom of press come the responsibility of
an informed citizen.
An example of how the government limits a citizen's right to vote is
It requires a citizen to register before he or she can vote.
Who was a Californian who served as chief justice of the surpreme court?
Earl Warren
lived part of their lives in California and all served as United States presidents.
Ronald Reagan,Richard Nixon, and Herbert Hoover
Each county in California is governed by a
board of supervisors.
The highest court in California is the
State surpreme court.
The two houses of the California Sate Legislature are
the senate and the Assembly/House of Repesentitives
Citizens in California are required to
obey laws, pay taxes, and be loyal Cailfornia and the United States.
Immigrants become United States citizens by
following steps to become a natuarlized citizen.
California has the most people in the House of Reprensintitives because
California has the largest population.
An areain which a certain problem needs to be solved or a certain service need to be provided is called a
special district.
California voters can get rid of a law that already exsisits by
The executive branch of the state government is
the state governer.
Freedoms listed in the CAlifornia Declaration of Rights are
freeedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion.