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The nation's first two political parties were the ____________ and ___________ .

Democratic (Republican)
What act created the office of the attorney general?
Judiciary Act of 1789
The federalists supported a strong ___________ government.
Federal (Central)
What treaty was signed with Spain in 1795?
Pinckney's treaty
Who won the election of 1800?
Thomas Jefferson
What pirates stole cargo off American ships?
Barbary Pirates
Tell me about two major problems the early United States had.
(This will be an essay Question.)
One problem was the United strated was indebt (owed money).
Another probelm was they almost got into a war w/France
What treaty with Britian was signed in 1794?
Jay Treaty
The Bill of Rights includes ____ Admendments.
Where did Anthony Wayne's army crush the Native Americans?
Battle of the Fallen Timbers
Who was the presidential candidate in 1796 for the Democratic-Republican party?
Thomas Jefferson
In 1794 angry farmers refused to pay a tax which lead to the _______ rebellion.
Sedetion means to act against the ________________.
Who was cheif justice of the United States?
John Jay
After the XYZ Affair, congress voted to enlarge the ____ and the _______.
Army and the Navy
Who came from the United States from France seeking finnacial help?
Edmond Genet
The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions claimed a state had a right to
Not use Federal Laws.
What city did Goerge Washington take the Oath of Office?
New York City
In his Farewell Address, did Washington warn against the developement of nationalism (yes or no)?
What Proclamation stated that the United States would trade with both France and Great Britian?
Proclamation of Nuetrality
Who was the first Vice President of the United States?
John Adams