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Who was the first Chief Justice?
John Jay
What were the people called that were on the supreme court and how many were there?
-1 chief justice
-5 associate justices
What did the Judiciary Act do?
-set up system of district courts and circuit courts throughout nation
-dicisions by lower courts appealed by Supreme Court
What is the total sum of money a gov't owes others?
national debt
Who was the 2nd president?
John Adams
Explain the XYZ affair.
-Fr. seizing A. ships
-Fr. agents make deals w/ A.
-before making deal Fr. wanted A. to give $250,000 to Tallyrand (Fr. foreign minister)and loan Fr. $10 million
-A. didn't accept bribe
-Adams strengthed navy~Fr. stopped siezing ships
Who were the Republican candidates in the election of 1800?
-Thomas Jefferson for Pres.
-Aaron Burr for V.P.
Who were the Federalist candidates in the election of 1800?
John Adams for Pres.
Explain the Election of 1800.
-vote tied btwn. Jefferson and Burr
-House of Reps. votes to break tie; however, House was split, but finally named Jeff. Pres. and Burr V.P.
-Congress passed 12th Admendment
Explain the 12th amendment.
electors vote seperately for Pres. and V.P.
How did Alexander Hamilton die?
killed by Aaron Burr in a duel
Who is a person who comes into a country to settle there?
What is starting up rebellion against gov't?
What is another word for canceled?
What were the positions of the first cabinet?
-secretary of state
-" " treasury
-" " war
-atorney general
-post master general
What was Hamilton's Plan to improve the economy? all bonds issued by national and state gov't
2.sell new bonds to pay off old debts
3.economy improve~gov't pay off new bonds
4. national gov't pay off state debts
What were the problems with Hamilton's Plan?
-Rewarded Speculators
*during war gov't paid citizens bods; ppl needed $; sold bonds to speculators lower than face value; gov't repays bond at face value; speculators profit
-Southern states already paid off debt
What was the compromise to Hamilton's Plan?
-capitol built in S if S supported plan~S agreed
Why did the Whiskey Rebellion occur and explain it.
-cause~gov't tax liquor made and sold in U.S.
-farmers dislike~converted corn into whiskey; easier
Who was the leader of the Federalists?
Alexander Hamilton
Who was the leader of the Democratic/Republican?
Thomas Jefferson
Explain the Federalist party.
-merchants and wealthy
-loose interpretation of constitution
-strong central gov't
What/who did the Federalists favor?
-British, National Bank, protective tariff
Explain the D/R party.
-farmers, powers to ppl
-strict interpretation of constitution
-strong state gov't
Who did the D/Rs favor?
Explain the Alien Act.
-Pres. could expel any foreigner thought to be dangerous to U.S.
-immigrants had to wait 14 years before becoming a citizen instead of 5 years
-most immigrants supported Republicans
Explain the Sedition Act.
-citizens could be fined or jailed for criticizing the gov't or gov't officials
Why didn't the Republicans like the Sedition act?
it violated the 1st amendment