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a type of government in which representatives are elected to govern on behalf of the people
Where the first Constitutional Convention took place.
The person who was chosen as leader of the Constitutional Convention.
George Washington
A plan for settling the land north of the Ohio River by dividing it into townships.
Land Ordinance of 1785
the comprimise that called for two senators from every state and representatives based on population.
The Great Compromise
The branch of government that makes sure the laws are judged and fair.
judicial branch
came to the Constitutional convention with the Viginia Plan (a new plan of government)
James Madison
limiting the powers of any one body of government by separating them
separation of powers
when business activity slows down and unemployment increases
economic depression
safe guards that give each branch of government control over the other branches
checks and balances
addition or change to the Constitution
the process in which Congress may take the president to court, if he behaves irresponsibly or breaks the law while in office
The 1st 10 amendments of the constitution which describe the rights of American citizens
bill of rights
a government with two branches (houses)
to reject a law passed by congress
is made up of people called electors who represent the voters in each state
electoral college
law making branch of government
legislative branch
1st constitution passed by the Continental Congress.
Articles of Confederation
branch of government that carries out the laws
executive branch
plan of government
giving up something in order to come to an agreement