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King George III
Supported the idea of taxing the colonists. King of Britain.
Patrick Henry
A young lawyer. One of the 1st to speak out against Stamp Act. Made speech to the colony's legislature.
Samuel Adams
Organized the Sons of Liberty. "eats little, drinks little, sleeps little, thinks much"
Mercy Otis Warren
Writer. Encouraged people to stop buying imported goods (boycott)
Britain's law-making assembly
Stamp Act
Law that placed a tax on printed material in the colonies (such as legal documents, newspapers, playing cards)
to cancel
Sons of Liberty
Group that led protests against the new tex (Stamp Act). Organized by Samual Adams.
Townshend Acts
Laws that placed tariffs (taxes) on goods that the colonies imported from Britain (paper, wool, tea)
Tax on imported goods
A refusal to buy goods
Daughters of Liberty
To help the boycott, they began weaving cloth to be used instead of British wool. Formed in the colonies.
Why did the British leaders first decide to tax the colonists?
The taxes would be used to pay for defending the colonies-to help pay for the army's costs.
How did the colonists respond to the Stamp Act?
They attacked the tax people-poured oil on them, then poured feathers. Formed Sons of Liberty to protest.
What does "no taxation without representation" mean?
Don't tax us if we can't vote on it
Why did the British leaders pass the Townshend Acts?
Britain still needed money. They also wanted to show colonists who was in charge.