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What are the 4 Calvin laws?
1. Bible access for everyone.
2.No wickedness: dancing or cards.
3. No rude songs.
4. 9:00pm curfew.
What are the 3 types of Protestants?
1. Calvinists.
What did Martin Luther nail to the church door?
95 Theses.
What did Luther burn in public?
the bull issued by Pope Leo X to excomunicate him.
Why did people want to be Protestants?
1. High Church Taxes (tithes)
2. Scandals with the pope
3. Poor unfairly taxed
4. God saves through faith not money.
How did Martin Luther spread Protestantism?
Using the printing press he made the bible in several languages and gave many speeches.
How did the Catholics try to stop Protestantism?
Threatened excommunication, massacre.
Church put non-belivers on trial and killed them.
What happened St.Bartholomews day massacre
Queen of france (medeci) is at a wedding and orders all the Protestants to be killed and starts a religious war.
King henry the eight
Started the protestant church in england.
Leonardo Da Vinci
A painter, scientist,inventor and engineer. He invented the tank, the flying machine and the submarine. the ideal renassiance man. In his notebook he wrote backwards and in mirror writing. Made the mona lisa.
He was a scientist and studied to be a medical docter interested in astronomy and physics. Built a great telescope and came to the conclusion that the earth revolved around the sun
Sculptor and painter. Had firey temper. Famous for fresco paintings and sculpture of the statue of david
A writer who was a victim of polotics. He wrote "The Prince", about ideal ruler
writer or english literature/plays.
The place between heaven and hell where a soul waits.
Hiring your friends, family, or people who pay you money for a job.
Writer and a teacher. Critical of church, so charles V made reading them a capital offence.
Paying preists to forgive your sins
Black death
Bubonic plague that killed 25 million people
City state
An independant city that runs itself like a country
the land surrounding a city state.
Flying buttress
an archway that supports a wall.