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What are the 4 Calvin laws?
1. Bible access for anyone
2. No wickedness (dancing/cards)
3. No rude songs
4. 9pm curfew
What are the 3 different types Protestants?
Calvinists, Anglicans, Lutherans
What did Martin Luther nail to a Church door?
The 95 Theses
What did Martin Luther burn in public?
The bull issued by Pope Leo X
Why did people want to be Protestants?
1. Didn't want to pay the high Church taxes (tithes)
2. Scandles with the Pope
3. The poor were unfairly taxed
4. God saves through faith, not money
How did Martin Luther spread Protestantism?
He printed the Bible in several languages and gave many speeches
How did the Catholics try to stop Protestantism?
1. Threaten excommunication
2. Massacre (St. Bartholemew Day)
The Church put non-believers on trial and killed them
St. Bartholemew Massacre
The Queen of France is at a wedding, she orders all the Protestants at the wedding to be killed. This started a religious war, which lasted 7 years.
King Henry the VIII
Started the Protestant Church in England
Leonardo DaVinci
Was a 'Renaissance Man'(highly skilled in many areas). Was a painter, inventor, engineer, and scientist of genius. First designed the helicopter, a tank, a aparachute, and a flying machine
Learned about a 'looking glass' in 1609, and proceded to create one to see the stars. Discovered that the Earth revolves aroudn the Sun, and that the moon was solid.
Created fresco paintings on teh ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Was perhaps the greatest artist of the high Renaissance
Nicolo Marchiavelli, a Florentine writer, believed that a strong leader would end all the political chaos. Wrote 'The Prince', which disagreed with the Humanist view that people were capable of improving themselves by their own efforts
The most famous writer, wrote over 32 plays and sonnets.
The place in wich a person's soul was thought to suffer until all sins were punished
Giving jobs to undeserving relatives
Famous Humanist who recommended trying to fix the church from within
A cancellation of punishment for sins
Black Death
A Bubonic Plague that killed almost a third of all the people in Europe
City State
A small city and the rural area immediately surrounding it
The surrounding area of a City State, providing food and other necessities
Flying Buttress
An archway that supports a wall