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What are the four calvinist laws?
1. Any one can read the Bible(the host has a public copy)
2.No dancing, dice, or cards, no betting
3. shall not allow indecent songs
4. 9 o'clock curfew
What are the different types of Protestants?
Calvinists, Anglicans, Lutherans
What did Martin Luther do when the Pope Leo issued the ________.
Martin Luther Burned the Bulll.
What is a Bull?
an official order from the pope with his lead seal on it.
Why did people want to be Protestants?
1.No longer wanted to pay high church taxes (tithes)
2. People were dissapointed with the scandalise pope
3. Poor were unfairly taxed
4. People were seeking other ways for salvation (through faith not money
How did Martin Luther spread Protestintism?
By using the Printing Press to creat more copies of the Bible in many languages
Also made many public speeches
How did the Catholics respound to protestantism
1. They threatend excommunication
2. massacred many
The church put none beleivers on trial and killed them in the name of heiratics
What happened on St Bartholemews Day
The Queen of France isued all Protestants at a royal wedding to be killed
Starts a religious war
What did King Henry the eighth do?
Started Protestintism in England
Leonardo Da Vinci
"Ideal Renaissance Man"
had many inventions: tank,helicopter ...ex
human anatomy
painter, sculpture, mathematician, scientist, engineer, inventor
Galileo Galile
insisted the earth revolved around the sun
invented the first telespcope
had many accurate theory's
Micheal Angelo
painted the sisteen Chapel
was patronised by the Medici's ( had close ties with them)
William Shakespear
Greatest writer of his time
extended the vocabulary of civilisation,
made one spelling use correct
wrote the Prince
very sinical
beleived a leader was better feared then loved
The place in which a person's soul was thought to sufer until all sins were punished
(the place between heaven and hell)
Givings jobs to relatives undeservingly
Humanist, comic of his time, wrote humourous books that pleased by King Henry the 8
was strongly disliked by the church (teased the pope)
Paying priests to forgive u for sins
a cancellation of punishment for sins
Black Death
Disease that killed a lot of people in Europe.
City State
in Italy
was an independent city that runs it self like a country
Flying Buttress
an archway built against a wall to help support it