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the first mines of the gold rush
forty niners
a method of transportation that replaces individual cars with energy saiving buses or trains
mass transit
site of the california gold rush
sierra nevada
trade center for lunber furs grain salmon and wool in oregan
city in silicon valley
san jose
settlers first can to the west because of the areas
natural resources
what was one effect of the california gold rush
san francisco became a prodperous city
why did congress create several national parks and forests
to save parts of the west as natural wilderness
may manufacturing industries wrer attracted to portland because of th citys cheap electricity
some problens facing western cities as a result of rapid urban growth include water pullution traffic jams and air pillution
several kinds of crops are grown on a
mixed crop farm
a downturn in busines activity is a
small farms acan be combined to forn a large farm called a
corporate farm
the bigges city in the heartland is
a midwestern city ,missouri was the starting pint for pioneers headin west
st louis