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who is the head of the christian church
who is the pope
the leader of the church
who influences/elects the pope?
who is in charge of the arch diocase
arch bishop
who manages many paraishes
who serves people int he parish. is very importain. can proform 5/7 sacraments
parish priest
who serves the bishop
parish priest
who serves the arch bishop
how many "levels" are there? what are they?
5: parish priest, bishop, arch bishop, cardinals, pope
describe the pyramid from least-most importain
parish priest:directly serves people in the parish

bishop:manages 1+ parishes

arch bishop:in charge of a diocease

cardinals:influence the pope

pope:the leader of the christian religion
what is The Church
the organization that "runs" the christian religion
what is a parish
a group of people that worship together
what is a diocease
a bigger area of land that contains many parashes
what happens if a lord dies
if a lord dies than the oldest son gets the land if there is no son the daughters husband got the land etc...
what are peasents
they are at the "bottom", live very hard lifes, and work alot
what is feudilalism
a system of government that creates an army
What was the "pyramid of feuidilism?"
how was the life of the nobles/knights and church officals?
they did not live a life of luxurey or comfort
who were the king and queen
were the head of the kingdom